Sibylline Heliotricity


Vocal melodies and acoustic and electric guitar textures are woven into a lush and rhythmic aural tapestry. In Daniel’s voice one hears echoes of the late Tim Buckley, and Thom Yorke. Visionary and timeless music, by a continually evolving artist.



  1. Estrella
  2. Cup of Sun
  3. The Ballerina
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Tides Pt.I
  6. Tides Pt.II
  7. The Solar Rowboat
  8. Quiet Sleeps the Bison
  9. Bullet Proof Vest

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The simplicity of the music that flows seemingly effortlessly out of Daniel Shams of Heliotricity is at times disarming, take the music from Scythes IV for example, how that with just a single nylon string guitar, his poetry and voice he is able to deliver us past the barrage of barriers and propel us into the rich collective consciousness, unifying us in a suspended state of enhanced awareness, an ecstasy.

Compare that then to the various lush, layered compositions making up Blinded by the Sun, like the title track, or “You are the Sunlight” where vocal melodies and guitar textures are woven into a lush and rhythmic aural tapestry, the result is simply sublime.

In Daniel’s voice one hears echoes of the late Tim Buckley, Thom Yorke and Lenny Kravitz woven into the fabric of rich driving grooves. It is a voice agile and aspiring, reaching for the universal, the common threads connecting all people. You get the sense also of an urgency listening to Daniel, a striving that reveals a relentlessness in his pursuit of an immediate, articulate and pure expression.

The result is that his recordings then are more like raw jewels excavated from deep fissures, they aren’t overly polished and pretty in the sense some people prefer. They are the real thing. All you have to do is listen to the soaring chorus falsettos of “Blinded by the Sun” where he wails “I’ve been…I’ve been blinded by the sun” to know that Daniel Shams of Heliotricity is the real thing. And when he sings of love, it is not to a woman, it is to all women. It is as if the great Sibyls are resurrected at once, and one hears him with the ears of Dante’s Beatrice, Faust’s Gretchen or Shahrazad from the Arabian Nights. When one listens they live love for that instant. When he sings “to live, to love, I want to be reborn every instant” through Daniel and his Heliotricity we do these things.

Sibylline Heliotricity - Bullet Proof Vest
Sibylline Heliotricity – Bullet Proof Vest. The alternate album cover in the video is from a rare limited edition European pressing.

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“Visionary and timeless music…from a unique and talented singer/songwriter at a crucial point in his continually unfolding artistic development…”

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Recordings Available by Heliotricity

Scythes IV (2004)

Blinded by the Sun (1999)

Sibylline Heliotricity (1997)